Monday, December 1, 2014

Scirbe 12/1/14 - Alyssa Leiby

Smith - Honors English 9 - Scribe by Alyssa Leiby
December 1, 2014
We passed out books today so if you were absent get one from Smith
  • Check in books (LWG, Othello, Long Way Gone, SAT Books) - YES, THAT'S RIGHT
  • Missing Books
  • Introduce final-look over; Honest Poem: by Rudy Francisco
  • Scopes Background: why does this matter?
  • Begin reading Inherit the Wind: check out books, quizzes at Act 1.1, act 1.2, act 2, act 3,
  • Read and Assign parts Act 1
  • HW: Final: poem due by Friday, writing conferences
  • Essential Question: How do our beliefs define and shape who we are meant to be?  What does it take to challenge the system?

    Cramfest the morning of December 3rd (PLC morning). Cramfest is a study session for finals for freshmen to come and learn about finals, the final's week schedule, and more. We will have donuts.

Today we watched Honest Poem: by Rudy Francisco
  • We watched it once through listening to the words
    • Notice all literature elements
    • Metaphor
    • Hyperbole
    • Juxtaposition
    • Etc
  • We watched it a second time paying more attention to his performance
    • Loud and soft
    • Fast and slow
    • It sounds like he's speaking personally
    • Smooth and memorized
    • Hand motions when appropriate
    • He has mood in his tone
We talked about the Scopes Trial- Very basic info:
  • Scopes was teaching evolution
  • Evolution was banned
  • There was anger between evolution and creationism
  • A trial ensued over convicting Scopes or not
  • More information
We read to page 30 in Inherit the Wind

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