Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Scribe -- Pierce Haltom

Tuesday, December 9, 2014Final Example: Shake the Dust:  by Anis Mojgani (some controversial elements)- Notice repetitive structure.Finish Act 3Quiz on Act 3Practice with partner 1:30Homework: Final, presentation, visuals-due by Thursday, memorization, eye contact, gestures, facial expression, enunciation, Kyle here tomorrow,PRACTICE first 1:30

- Visuals on Final
-Make it automatic -Hint: Maybe you don't want to click on the screen every time you want to change the background

-Practice for 15 minuets, on the first 1:30
-enunciation -memorization -eye contact -gestures -facial expression -Kyle her tomorrow

Discussion on Shake the Dust:
      -No movements
      -The whole thing is talking in a normal voice (wants you to hear every word)
      -Repetitive words

Work time on Poem

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