Tuesday, March 31, 2015

3/31/15 Scribe by Rachel Searle

Homework: character analysis due tomorrow, copy of A Whole New Mind, poetry

Make sure poetry is linked properly

Lucid Charts: add more visuals (be creative)

work on Character Analysis for 15 minutes (finishing touches)

Begin Reading Act 4 of Taming of the Shrew:
 Narrarator: Kirk
Grumio: Sam
Curtis: Griffin
Nathaniel: Maddie C.
Joseph: Abby D.
Phillip: Pierce
Petruchio: Jake
Katherine: Allie
Peter: Ryan
Tranio: Maddie C.
Hortenstio: Scott
Bianca: Izzy
Biondello: Haley
Haberdasher: Rachel G.
Tailor: Danny
Lucentio: Graham
Merchant: Jackson

Act 4 Scene 1-part of 3 Summary:
Petruchio treats his servants very poorly around his new bride Kate. Hortensio is no longer a suitor to Bianca and a merchant will be pretending to be Vincentio, the real Lucentio's father. Petruchio is starving Kate, not allowing her to eat meat, to tame her.

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