Monday, March 2, 2015

Sofia Jauregui Scribe 3/2

HW: post website- due tomorrow, use writing reviser, bring Little Brother and 1984 books to check in
Check grades-- they are now up to date
PARCC- check calendar for more detailed information
You will be taking the LA portion on Wednesday- BRING HEADPHONES
You will be taking the math portion of Thursday
*Room assignments will be posted on the wall in the cafeteria outside of the security office on Wednesday*
DOL 15
art part n av prep art n cc hv av prep art n
M: the frightened cat ran up a tree but was rescued by the fireman
prep n hv prn av adj adj n
M: since when did we support that ridiculous charity

S V prep ph op ---------V-------- prep ph op
T: the frightened cat ran (up a tree) but was rescued (by the fireman)
prep ph op V S V do
T: (since when) did we support that ridiculous charity

In class: we went over PARCC, did grammar for Mon and Tues and went around and peer edited

Check website for all of the links, rubrics, revisers etc.

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