Thursday, March 5, 2015

Scribe period 3 3/5/15 Olivia Maloney

We handed in our DOL 15 and took the DOL 16 quiz.

We signed up for grading conferences with Smith.

Ms. Levesque came to talk to us about our poetry based on art:
     -Create a google doc or presentation with your poem and artwork next to each other, for
(Screencastify is a chrome extension that we are using to record ourselves reading the poems.)
     -If you have a Mac you will need to download the Chrome browser.
     -Once you have captured your poem, link it to the picture on the main document with all of the
     -If you have any questions about recording, email Ms. Levesque at
     -To make your poem and artwork fit on one screen, create a table by going to the table menu on  
       Google docs, then table properties and then use table border.

Ms. Smith wrote on the board:

1. Build presentation (or doc) with your poem and picture
2. SnagIt / Screencastify  (use poem handout for extension)
3. Record over presentation
4. Once all done go to Art Work Final product page.

Innovation Avenue - students showcase innovative activities they are doing in the classroom. April 15th- If you want to go, dress in Arapahoe gear and dress nicely. If anyone is interested, talk to Smith.

If you haven't already signed up for a conference, do it as soon as possible.
Write poems posted to art work and add vocal recording of your poem if you didn't in class.
Buy a copy of Taming of the Shrew, we will start reading it next week.
Make sure your Parent Teacher conference letter is in your shared folder and also shared with your parents.

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