Thursday, January 15, 2015

Annie Betts Scribe 1/15/15

Essential Question:
How can literature motivate social change? How can it challenge the system?

Present political cartoons
Mac Commercial-Olympics vs. Clinton Commercial

Read 117-147, 147-167
DOL quiz tomorrow
Google Site
Fishbowl Tuesday for 117-167

What did we do today?

  • DOL 3: We marked the punctuation and made the diagrams for the two grammar sentences.
  • Present political cartoons: The last couple groups presented their political cartoons from the 1930s-1940s and present by explaining the cartoon and how it connects to 1984.
  • Commercials: We watched the Mac Commercial-Olympics and the Clinton Commercial and discussed how they connect to 1984
  • After we completed everything on the schedule, we used the remainder of time to read 1984 and write discussion questions for the fishbowl on Tuesday.

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