Monday, January 12, 2015

Scribe 1/12 Period 3 Danny Guo

Danny Guo 
Period 3
Scribe January 12, 2015

We started this Monday by doing the Monday assignment of the weekly grammar packet.
The sentences are:
  • my friend alex plays tennis
  • our friend tom is the next president after obama
Last week's quiz was handed back.

Then we start our fishbowl on 1984 by George Orwell pages 1-69

We discussed many things such as Big Brother, the 2 minutes hate, the Thought Police, and we thought deeper into what the book was saying about society. A lot of the conversation related back to present day America, and how Orwell seemed to predict what happened. One connection I thought was really good was the connection with the Jefferson School Board trying to remove certain lessons out of US history that made America look bad.

Fishbowl went on until the bell rang.

HW: Read 69-117 by Wednesday, be ready for the political cartoon dissection

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