Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Scribe 1/21/15

Alicia Nguyen Scribe 1/21/15 
  • We did our daily grammar lesson labeling the following sentences:
    • jeb likes cars but he can't drive yet 
    • kristin watched the t.v show law and order in her law class 
  • Smith split the class into 8 groups where the students would read two different articles found on Smith's website
    • Once the students finished reading the article, their groups discussed the big ideas they found in the article and how the article relates to 1984 
    • After the students finished and wrote what they talked about on the whiteboard, Smith gave them time to silently read 1984 until the other group finished reading and discussing their article
  • We all, as a class, discussed ideas from both articles and what we learned from George Orwell's time period
  • Smith then gave us the rest of the class period to have silent reading time until the bell rang 
Homework: 167-224 fishbowl Thursday; 3 big questions; Read 224-end if finished with 167-224 with 3 big questions; Google Site

*If you have a school computer, bring it on Thursday to get a new one.

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