Friday, January 9, 2015

Scribe - Friday, 1/9/15 - Alyssa Leiby

Friday, January 9, 2015 Scribe (By: Alyssa Leiby)
  • What kind of government is our class?
  • DOL 1 collect, DOL 2 quiz
  • Discuss 1-69- move to Monday
  • HW: Read 69-117, DOL
NOTE: No political cartoons still so bring on Monday!
Today we did a grammar quiz! If you were absent you will need to make it up!

Discussion: What kind of government is our class?
A student suggested that we were totalitarianism. However, Smith argued that we have the choice to either do the assignments or not do them, and she does not force us to do them. Another student suggested that we do not match any of the structures on the "Governmental and Economic Spectrum" slide of Smith's agenda slideshow. The student said that Smith gives us a structure and outline but she does not enforce it. She gives us grades but it's not something she chooses, necessarily, because we are the ones who do the work and put in the effort. So in a way we don't follow any of the styles of government. Smith asks us our opinion and gives us opportunity to get help on anything. Others argued that this is wrong because in the end, Smith ultimately ends up deciding what assignments we get and even if we vote she still has the ultimate authority. The role of a teacher appears as a general role of totalitarianism. However, Smith gives us more freedom in what we do, so we are in some range between totalitarianism and democracy. Can we be both or are we either/or? What do you think? ... Oh, and then a student said we were anarchist... :)

Ultimate Class Vote Decision:
Torn almost equally between totalitarianism and republic/democracy (London/Sweden) with a few no governments and some republic/democracy (American)

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