Thursday, January 29, 2015

Annie Betts Scribe 1/29/15

Essential Question:

  • How can literature motivate social change? How can it challenge the system?

  • DOL 7: Mark punctuation and fill in sentence diagram
  • On your own, look at the following (links on agenda)
    • Technological transition - Orwell's technology to Doctorow:
    • Bionic Eye, MIT TED talk, and blog post, Saavy Shop, Future Home
    • A Day Made of Glass and Day Made of Glass 2
  • When you are done, take the time to read, and prepare questions for the fishbowl tomorrow
  • Read NYT article safety vs. security (link on agenda)
  • DOL quiz and exercises due tomorrow
  • Read Little Brother Chapters 1-5, and 3 questions (1 textual and 2 higher level thinking) for fishbowl tomorrow

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