Tuesday, January 27, 2015

E9H Week 4- Monday Scribe Emily Koke Hour 5

Monday, January 26

Daily Agenda:

Essential Question:
How can literature motivate social change? How can it challenge the system?

can (hv) you (prn) come (av) over (adv) and (cc) watch (av) the (art) movie (n) casablanca (N) after (prep) school (n)

the (art) [chemistry club] (N) traveled (av) to (prep) [boulder colorado] (N) for (prep) a (art) science (adj) experiment (n)

We began the class with DOL 7 (above) and then went onto our 1984 224-298 discussion. 

Tomorrow we will have a work day with our small groups to complete posters and then on Wednesday we will begin Little Brother. 

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