Thursday, January 8, 2015

Scribe - Monday, 1/8/15 - Alyssa Leiby

Scribe - Monday, January 8, 2015 (By: Alyssa Leiby)

  • DOL 1
  • Basic plot level understandings in 1984
  • Discussion on Political Spectrum
    • What kind of government is this class?
  • Read 1984 (38-69)
  • HW: read for tomorrow, fishbowl 1-69, 3 questions, DOL exercises and quiz

NOTE: We did not get to political cartoons today so bring them in tomorrow!

We diagrammed the following sentence. Try it on your own then check below. 
  • neither of the boys ate their snacks
    • Monday Notes
      • neither - indefinite pronoun
      • of - preposition
      • the - article 
      • boys - noun
      • ate - action verb
      • their - possessive pronoun
      • snacks - noun
    • Tuesday Notes
      • neither - subject
      • ate - verb
      • snacks - direct object
      • parenthesis around "of the boys" because it is a prepositional phrase
      • boys - object of the preposition
    • Wednesday Notes
      • this is an independent clause because it can stand alone
      • it is a simple sentence because there in only one independent clause
    • Thursday Notes
      • capitalize the "n" in neither
      • place a period after the sentence
    • Friday Notes
      • sorry I can't put the diagram up here because I'm not sure how
      • think about "subject" "verb" "what?" and then what modifies each word

Basic Information on 1984

  • Winston Smith
  • Big Brother
  • Goldstein
  • Thought Police
  • Sime (sorry if I spelled it wrong I can't read what she wrote :)
  • O'Brien
  • Parsons
  • girl with red sash
  • London
  • East Asia
  • Eurasia
  • Oceania
Plot Elements (underscored lines mean I couldn't read the board and neither could others around me sorry guys)
  • being watch - telescreen, helicopters look in, neighbors
  • thought crime
  • double think
  • new speak
  • purity
  • party 
  • W. S. writers in a diary
  • Two Minutes of Hate
  • Kids "spies"
What do you want your government to be able to do for you?
No government: what is best for everyone is better than what is best for every one person
democracy: like London/Sweden- more out of our pocket book;
democracy: elect representatives to vote for you; elect president
total governmental control; dictatorship

still some inequality: government helps make less equality
inequality; individual; competition; decision based
more inequality; value efficiency; more separation between winners and losers
complete inequality; some aren't even allowed to compete- removed from life and competition

-political system and economic system should match
-Winner of WWII was somewhere between socialism and capitalism i.e. Britain and America
-Losers are communism, no government, facism, nazism, totalitarianism
* warning: as long as you have elections, and you elect your leaders giving up more control ot the government over economic decisions, you are eventually going to have a situation where they people you put in charge, are making decision that you don't like and you don't think is appropriate. (Hitler- made economic choices trying to save the country but eliminated other political parties and ended up as a dictator; he was elected to this position of power).
-trust we have in our government today

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