Monday, January 12, 2015

Scribe- Annabel K (jan.12.2015)

Monday: January 12, 2015

     homework- read pg. 69-117 for 1984
                       Political Cartoon dissection is tomorrow
                       Do not forget to prepare for your fishbowl discussion!
     in class-     *DOL 3 (grammar packet) --> Monday (part of speech)
                             sentences: my friend alex plays tennis
                                              our friend tom is the next president after obama
                        * go over the Grammar quiz
                             What will you remember and take into mind going into the next
                             grammar quiz?
                        *fishbowl pg. 1-69
                          questions from the discussion:
                         1. What do you think the people in 1984 think of the word "Big Brother"?
                         2. What effects does Big Brother have on Winston, and do you think that it
                              could change over the course of the book?
                         3. How is the Ministry of Truth a 'paradox'?
                         4. How does the phrase "strict parents create sneaky kids" relate to the
                              government and the people in the society?
                         5. What is the significance of the fact that the phrases"Big Brother" and
                             "Brotherhood" both have the word 'brother' in them?
                         6.  Why is self expression considered a crime?
                         7. What is the significance of Winston waking up from his dream with the
                             word "Shakespeare"?

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