Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Allie Highsmith Scribe 2/17/15

Idea for paper (see presentation- http://boingboing.net/2010/02/19/school-district-admi.html) , thesis (due Thursday, preferably), intro paragraph (due Friday, according to the Smith Plan), outline (due Monday), Smith suggests that we have our idea for negative/positive tomorrow, grammar

The grammar sentences for this week are:

  • some of my friends bought me a ticket for the concert
  • ben a former student earned a prestigious teaching scholarship 
Monday grammar work (picture at bottom of page):
  • some- indefinite prn., of-prep., my-possesive prn., friends-n., bought-av., me-prn., a-art., ticket-n., for-prep., the-art., concert- n.
  • ben- N., a-art., former-adj., student-n., earned-av., a-art., prestigious- adj., teaching-participle (verb acting like adjective ending in -ing or -ed), scholarship-n.
Tuesday grammar work (picture at bottom of page): 
  • Some- subject (of my friends)-prep. phrase, friends- object of prep. phrase, bought-verb, ticket- direct object, (for the concert)- prep phrase, concert- object of prep. phrase, me- indirect object
  • ben- subject, (a former student)- appositive phrase, student-object of appositive phrase, earned- verb, scholarship- direct object

Essay- See pictures at bottom of page
  • Make a google doc with the columns: learned, haven't learned, where are we going? 
  • Smith wants connection from 1984, Little Brother, and modern day. 
    • Modern day- see link on Smith's presentation for great example that you can use
  • You can have a moving attention getter (see presentation-http://www.nytimes.com/newsgraphics/2013/10/27/south-china-sea/)
    • give examples of your topic 
  • Look at posters to get ideas
  • Organization
    • 1st body paragraph- learned or not learned (positive or negative)
    • 2nd- not learned or learned  (negative or positive) 
    • 3rd- where are we going (negative or positive)
    • The order in which you present the paragraphs will determine the mood of your essay.
  • Pick one topic from both categories and have 3 examples for it.  
    • What have we learned?
      • Fighting Oppression
        • 1984- Winston and Julia
        • LB- Marcus and Ange
        • Modern- Egypt, Jordan, Crimea
          • "How do you cite a video?" Easy Bib
    • What haven't we learned?
      • Balance between individual and government powers
        • 1984
        • LB
        • Modern
    • Where are we going?
      • Government will always triumph
      • Government will squash individualism 
      • Pull it around with solutions
        • education
        • acceptance of our roles
  • What have we learned? (1984, LB, Modern)
    • When citizens join together, they have a lot of power.
    • To fight oppression 
    • If we let them, the government will continue to take more.
    • We shouldn't trust everything that we hear.
    • To celebrate differences and individuality 
    • To stand up for what we believe in 
    • Your rights can only be taken away if you let them be. 
    • Playing the game of school/life 
      • "Easy way out"
    • How to effectively manipulate technology 
    • The government is active in our lives.  
    • Youth has a large role. 
    • Paranoia has increased. 
    • We must continually change. 
  • What haven't we learned? (1984, LB, Modern)
    • How to balance technology and life
    • Balancing individualism and government powers
    • The importance of privacy to the people 
    • That we choose who is in power
    • Balancing privacy and security
    • Loyalty to beliefs and values
    • War is not peace
    • The value of our freedom
      • You don't know a good thing 
  • Where are we going? (3 Moderns)
    • surveillance 
    • personal rights
    • anti-individualism
    • Govt. will always triumph.

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