Thursday, February 12, 2015

February 12, 2015 Period 5 Scribe- Alicia Nguyen

Alicia Nguyen
Scribe 2/12/15

  • First, we did our grammar exercises where we did clauses, punctuation, and diagramming
    • The sentence with the flowers had two ind. clauses= compound sentence
    • T-cap, ^ , after garden, ^’ in don’t, and ^.
    • The sentence with school play had only one ind clause= simple sentence
    • O-cap in On, F-friday, F-February, I, ^. after school.

  • Kenneth: Books in bookroom
  • Debrief on Doctorow
    • Since the skype didn’t work this morning, we are trying to reschedule but since he is such a busy guy, we might not be able to talk to him until April.
Check 13-17 Questions
  • Final fishbowl tomorrow: three Q’s for fishbowl tomorrow 18-end 1 textual Q’s: pull out quotes
    • 2 higher level thinking Q’s; connections to 1984?

  • Next week will be a intense working week with the paper
    • Bring earbuds and get ready to work
  • We watched an interview about an avalanche to get an idea of how to make our paper more interesting because we aren’t turning it in traditionally
  • Smith gave us some free time to explore and tinker around with websites and look at other students’ work from last year.
  • Hw: paper ideas, look over last year’s papers, begin thinking about paper structure and ideas” examples to get you thinking:
Paulsen, Margaret P

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