Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Scribe Period 3 2/4/15 Madeleine Cannon

2/4/15 Madeleine Cannon


  1. Read through chapter 12 of Little Brother, 
    1. Bring three questions (From chapters 6-12)
      1. 1 textual question with a quote
      2. 2 higher level thinking questions
  2. Make connections to 1985 
  3. S/R on Franklin quote
During Class

  • Sentence 1; 1 subject
    • Independent clause=SS
  • Sentence 2: 
    •  1 independent clause+1 dependent clause=Complex sentence
Summary Response Notes
  • For quotes
    • Citing an online article at the bottom of your paper
      • Go to easybib
      • Paste link in the search
      • Add information (Author, date published, etc) found on the cite to the citation
    • Citing article in your paragraph
      • Lead in, "quote" (Author's last name/first word of the easybib citation).
        • The authors last name with typically be the first word of the citation, if it is not, use the first word of the easybib citation in the paragraph.
  • We read this article
  • And watched this video
  • We then discussed the positives/negatives/thoughts on each
    • We thought the article was like the icarly episode where Freddie's mom put a tracker in his head, and it helped them find him in Japan. However, overall, we thought the idea presented in the article was creepy and intrusive.
    • The video was very heart warming, and we made a decision to do random acts of kindness throughout the week.
For the rest of class we got work time on anything we needed.

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