Thursday, February 5, 2015

Scribe 2/5/15 Per. 5 - Seth Porter

  1. Read Chapters 13-14 of LIttle Brother read 13-17 by Tuesday
  2. DOL quiz and exercises
    1. Study! --- Remember punctuation and subordinating conjunction for tomorrow
  3. Apply for trip to the Wind River Reservation if interested... Check agenda slides

  1. Punctuation
    1. carla looked at herself in the mirror and recited the poem fire and ice
      1. Carla looked at herself in the mirror, and recited the poem “Fire and Ice”.
    2. we saw a midsummer nights dream at the buell theatre after we saw the play at ahs
      1. We saw A Midsummer Nights Dream at the Buell Theatre after we saw the play at AHS.
  2. Diagramming
    1. Talk to Mrs. Smith

Then we talked about what we did during the 24 hours of happiness

Then we did our Fischbowl

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