Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Anna Berdahl scribe 2/3/15

Essential Question: how can literature motivate social change? How can it challenge the system?

DOL 9:  tuesday
              S       V’     prep    op         prep art  op  V2            app
  1. carla looked  ( at     herself)   (in   the mirror )  and recited the poem  fire and ice
prep phrase  prep phrase

S     V’ do     prep art  op               S2  V2
  1. we saw a midsummer nights dream ( at  the buell theater) after we saw the play
(at ahs) prep phrase
prep p op

During class: watch scanner video link in agenda and silent work time on summary response.

Homework: read, bring three questions (chapters 6-12) 1 textual and 2 higher level-thursday
        summary response posted to blog- thursday

note: Talk to second hour teacher about skype on feb, 12. we will go to the forum

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