Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Period 3 2-10-15 Scribe Tyla Merrill

Read chapters 18-19.
Questions for Cory Doctorow should be posted to blog.
Meet in forum 2nd period on Thursday.

Sentence 1
1st subject: flowers
1st verb: are
2nd subject: they
2nd verb: do smell
predicate adjective: good
prepositional phrase: in your garden
object of preposition: garden

Sentence 2
subject: i
verb: auditioned
1st prepositional phrase: on friday
1st object of preposition: friday
2nd prepositional phrase: for the school play
2nd object of preposition: play
appositive: february 11, 2011


Ned: Seen as an Australian Robin Hood. Comes from a family of criminals. Believed that he was a victim of corrupt police. Acted against the authority of government. Leader of the Kelly Gang.
Marcus: Main character of Little Brother. Rebels after being accused of terrorism. Doesn’t like the extra security measures that the government begins to put in place.
Chicago 7: Protest the Vietnam War. Arrested for planning a riot. Make a scene even during their trial by randomly reciting poetry and chanting.
Similarities: All are rebellion leaders because they were treated unfairly. They all start on their own and gain help. Ned and Marcus both want revenge, and participate in rock concerts/protests that lead to gassing. Marcus and The Chicago Seven end up hurting innocent civilians in the process or rebellion.

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