Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Scribe 2/23/15 Per. 5 Morgan McArdle

Scribe Monday February 23, 2015

We are postponing grammar until next week in order to have maximum work time for our essay.

Finalize quotes for outline and begin working on your intro. Attention Getter- you need to have a strong/engaging title. Add a connection to explain how it connects to your paper. Give brief illustration about each of your books. Never say, “this quote proves”, “this book shows”, “this image demonstrates.” Instead use the person, for example; “Smith proves”, “Orwell shows”, “Doctorow demonstrates."

If you want help with your essay then you can put your name on the list that is on this weeks agenda. Smith will come around and talk to you.

We had the rest of the time for work.

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