Monday, February 2, 2015

Anna Berdahl scribe 2/2/15

Essential Question: how can literature motivate social change? How can it challenge the system?

Homework: Finish PLN response- post to blog-due by Thursday, read 8

Start DOL 9:  Monday
 N       av    prep ref pn  prep art     n       cc     av      art    n              N
  1. carla looked   at   herself   in   the mirror   and recited the poem  fire and ice

pn   av                  N    sc    pn  av  art  n   prep  N
  1. we saw administrator nights dream after we saw the play at ahs

Look at links:
What are some reactions?
Then examine quote to write summary response:  “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” Ben Franklin, 1759

analysis of quote: notes
Ben franklin 1759                       safety(temporary)
founding father revolutionary war                  protection for a short amount of time
ambassador to france break from english
free from taxes

essential liberties
freedom, right to be oneself pursue happiness and success

Our ideas on the meaning:

  1. If your willing to give up your personal freedoms then you shouldn't be granted with safety and freedom at all
  2. About british rules (his time) if we are going to obey we are going to loose safety and freedoms

    review on summary response:
    summary: no opinion main idea (only a sentence or two!)
    ex: franklin explains his opinions on safety and freedoms by expressing….
    response: title author take a position, why and because

    note: dont forget the handouts from first semester on Summary response!

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